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Quick Facts About Huck
• Although Huck is older than his younger brother, his brother is an inch taller than him:giggle:
• Huck's daytime job/ regular identity is a wrestling star at the Brass Knuckles Wrestling Arena
• Huck may be strong, but his master is ten times stronger than him so if she punches him, it'll actually hurt him
• Huck secretly cuddles with a teddy bear named Dinkleman:giggle:
• Favorite way to pass time is meditating or training with his master/ his teammates
• Hates being called "tool", "master's pet", "Mr Buzzkill", etc.^^;
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Mega Fighter Uniform Reference Sheet by cartoongeekette1234 Mega Fighter Uniform Reference Sheet :iconcartoongeekette1234:cartoongeekette1234 0 0 Greasy's Special Mask by cartoongeekette1234 Greasy's Special Mask :iconcartoongeekette1234:cartoongeekette1234 1 0 Wheezy's Scepter by cartoongeekette1234 Wheezy's Scepter :iconcartoongeekette1234:cartoongeekette1234 1 12 My new (new) sketchpad by cartoongeekette1234 My new (new) sketchpad :iconcartoongeekette1234:cartoongeekette1234 0 0 Me and my mom by cartoongeekette1234 Me and my mom :iconcartoongeekette1234:cartoongeekette1234 2 9 New contest entry by cartoongeekette1234 New contest entry :iconcartoongeekette1234:cartoongeekette1234 2 2 My entry for Kova360's contest by cartoongeekette1234 My entry for Kova360's contest :iconcartoongeekette1234:cartoongeekette1234 3 12
Little By Little: Chapter Nine
Psycho's P.O.V
  Oh no. When my boss, Smarty has a plan, it always means bad news. Greasy and Wheezy were happy to learn about his plan, but not me. To tell you the truth, Stupid and I never wanted to join this gang. We only joined because we were hoping to make new friends. Well, I wanted to make new friends. Stupid had already made a friend, and that was Snag. He was lucky to have a friend. I didn't have anyone to call a friend. But anyways, back to the now. "So what's the plan, boss?" asked Greasy. I plastered a fake psychotic smile and added, "Yeah! I'm dying to know!" Smarty fixed his hat and explained the plan, "Okay, here's the plan. Greasy'll shapechange into Snag and lie to his leader by saying that he's done with his mission and he's heading back home. Then, he'll act like he forgot where he lives. We'll follow the address and capture his team and his master and take 'em to Doom." Greasy and Wheezy seemed to like the plan, but I didn't like it one bit. I softly spoke up,
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Jane's Guardian Symbol: Creativity by cartoongeekette1234 Jane's Guardian Symbol: Creativity :iconcartoongeekette1234:cartoongeekette1234 2 2 Jane's Spirit Animal: Dottie by cartoongeekette1234 Jane's Spirit Animal: Dottie :iconcartoongeekette1234:cartoongeekette1234 1 0 Jane's Amulet by cartoongeekette1234 Jane's Amulet :iconcartoongeekette1234:cartoongeekette1234 1 0
Little By Little: Chapter Eight
Snag's P.O.V
   My face was still red and my heart was still beating rapidly. I shook my head, finally getting the image out of my mind. We reached Smarty's office and Wheezy opened the door for me and Stupid. When the both of us were inside, Wheezy came in after, closing the door on his way in. I gulped nervously when I saw the other weasels, especially Smarty. Based on the looks on their faces, they were very impatient. Greasy and Psycho were tapping their feet in frustration and Smarty just shook his head and placed a file in front of me. I grabbed the file and opened it. My jaw dropped when I saw what was inside: Inside was a picture of an orange spotted bobcat with a red nose, blue eyes, blonde hair and he was wearing a policeman outfit. Above the picture, the word "Wanted" was stamped on it. I knew this bobcat too well: It was Bonkers. He was really good friends with my master, Daniela and a trustworthy ally to me and my team. But why was he wanted? He's the best cop on
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Little By Little: Chapter Seven
Stupid's P.O.V
  I had no idea about what had happened, but whatever it was, Snag looked like he saw a ghost. I tapped him on the shoulder to snap him out of it, and surprisingly, it worked. "You alright?" I asked, "Duh, you look like you saw a ghost." Snag just sighed and replied, "I'm fine. It's nothing." I was glad to know that he was alright. I stretched my arms out to give him a hug, but Snag immediately wrapped his arms around my waist and hugged me tightly, which took me completely by surprise. I slowly wrapped my arms around Snag and hugged him back. Then, out of nowhere, he gave me a surprise kiss on the cheek. I released him from my grasp, and he did the same thing. I rubbed my cheek and blushed deeply, "Duh, why'd you do that for?" I asked sheepishly. Snag just looked away and replied, "I wanted to thank you for taking the fall for me. I really appreciate it a lot." I placed my hand on his shoulder and turned him around to face me.
Snag's P.O.V
  I found myself fac
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Mega Fighters badges (updated) by cartoongeekette1234 Mega Fighters badges (updated) :iconcartoongeekette1234:cartoongeekette1234 1 8 Mega Fighter badges by cartoongeekette1234 Mega Fighter badges :iconcartoongeekette1234:cartoongeekette1234 1 0


Request: Talking to each other by Trollsareamazing Request: Talking to each other :icontrollsareamazing:Trollsareamazing 2 6
Savy and Smartguy as Beauty and the Beast part 7
Back at the castle, Smart Guy, Greasy and Rayman are watching Savy outside with her horse Phillip*
Flamey the stool dog was playing in the snow pile*
Savy hugs Flamey*
*Smart Guy starts to smile a little*
Smart Guy: I've never felt this way about anyone. I want to do something special for her. But what?
Greasy: Well there's flowers and chocolates master.
Rayman: Ah no, no. It has to be something that sparks her interest.
Rayman has an idea*
*Rayman whispers his idea to Smart Guy*
5 minutes later, Smart Guy is going to show Savy something*
Smart Guy: I want you to close your eyes.
Savy is a little confused*
Smart Guy: It's a surprise.
Savy closed her eyes*
*Smart Guy guides Savy to her surprise*
Savy: *her eyes are still closed* Can I open them?
Smart Guy: No. Not yet.
Savy's eyes are still closed*
*Smart Guy and Savy arrive in the library, but it's dark*
Savy's eyes are still closed*
*The lights turn on*
Savy: *her eyes are still closed* Now can I open them?
Smart Guy: Alright. Now.
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Savy and Smartguy as Beauty and the Beast part 6
*Savy rides on Phillip and leaves the castle*
The wolves saw them*
*The wolves run towards Savy and Phillip and corner them*
Savy was scared and she tries to free Phillip's rope from the tree*
*The wolves try to attack them*
But then Smart Guy came to save Savy*
*Smart Guy fights the wolves*
Savy sees Smart Guy fighting the wolves*
*One of the wolves bites Smart Guy*
Savy was scared*
*Smart Guy continues to fight the wolves*
Then the wolves ran away*
*Smart Guy is hurt and falls to the ground*
Savy feels sorry for Smart Guy so she put Smart Guy on Phillip and takes him back to the castle*
*Savy and Phillip arrive at the castle and take Smart Guy inside*
Later, Savy has a warm towel and Smart Guy is on his bed looking at his wound*
Rayman, Wind, Greasy, Wheezy, Samartha and Psycho are watching*
*Smart Guy is licking his wound*
Savy: *holds the towel* Please don't do that.
*Smart Guy moves his arm away from Savy and growls*
Rayman, Wind, Greasy, Wheezy, Samartha and Psycho backs awa
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Savy and Smartguy as Beauty and the Beast part 5
Back at the castle, Savy left the room and heads to the diner*
Rayman is with his girlfriend Wind*
Wind: This plan of yours is dangerous.
Rayman: I would risk anything to kiss you again Wind.
Wind: No my love, I've been burned by you before, we must be strong.
Rayman: How can I be strong when you make me so weak? Besides my Wind, I will do anything in my life to kiss you again.
Wind: I wish the same thing my dear Rayman.
Rayman sees Savy heading to the kitchen*
Rayman: *gasps* She's out of her room!
Savy heads to the kitchen*
Samartha is putting Psycho to bed*
Samartha: Alright, Psycho. In the cupboard with your brothers and sisters.
Psycho: But I'm not sleepy yet.
Samartha: Yes you are.
Psycho: No I'm not.
*Samartha closes the cupboard door and lets Psycho go to sleep*
Samartha heard the talking stove talking*
Stove: I work and I slave all day long, and for what? A culinary masterpiece gone to waste!
Samartha: Awww don't feel disappointed Stove.
*The stove just shakes his head in disa
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Savy and Smartguy as Beauty and the Beast part 4
Back at the castle, Savy is still crying on the bed*
Then the door knocked*
Savy: Who is it? );
Samartha: Mrs. Samartha dear.
*Savy opens the door for Samartha*
Samartha the Teapot came in with Psycho: Hello there.
Savy was surprised: You're...You're... *she bumps into Loretta the wardrobe*
Loretta: Oh, careful.
Savy: I didn't know castle objects can talk. ):>
Loretta: I know it's hard to believe. But here we are.
Psycho: Hello pleased to meet you, I'm Psycho. :3
Savy: It's very nice to meet you Psycho.
*Psycho smiles at Savy*
Samartha pours her tea in Psycho*
*Psycho approaches Savy*
Savy picks up Psycho*
*Savy sips her tea*
Psycho: Wanna see me do a trick? *takes a deep breath, blows bubbles*
Samartha: *giggles* Psycho.
Psycho: *stops blowing bubbles* Oops. Sorry. ^^;
Samartha: *looks at Savy* That was a very brave thing you did to your father back there.
Loretta: We all think so.
Savy: But I lost my father, my dreams, everything. ):
Samartha: Cheer up, my dear. It'll all w
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Savy and Smartguy as Beauty and the Beast part 3
Savy sees the castle*
Savy: My father's in there?
Phillip nodded yes*
Savy went in the castle*
Rayman and Greasy saw her*
Rayman: *gasps* It's a girl. (:>
Greasy: *whispers* Shhh, she might hear us.
Savy is looking for her father*
Rayman and Greasy follows her*
Savy: Father? Where are you? ):>
Tony: *from the distance* I'm over here, Savy!
Savy went in the cells and saw her father locked in a cell*
Savy: Father, what happened?! ):>
Tony: There's no time to explain. You have to leave right now! *coughs*
Savy: I can't leave you father, your hands are cold. ):>
Tony: Forget about me! You need to get out of here immediately!
Savy: No father, I don't want to lose you. ):>
?????: Well, well, well, what do we have here?
Savy: Who's there? ):>
?????: I'm the master of this castle.
Savy: Please let my father go, I don't want him to die here. ):>
?????: Then he shouldn't have trespassed here!
Savy: He could die here, please I'll do anything. ):>
?????: There's nothing you
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Savy and Smartguy as Beauty and the Beast part 2
Tony feels cold in the woods*
Tony: *shivers* I feel like I'm lost. Where am I?
Tony sees a castle*
Tony: Maybe I can stay in that castle for the night.
Tony went in the castle and it's empty*
Tony: Hmmmm. The castle seems empty.
Rayman the limbless candlelight and Greasy the weasel clock heard someone in the castle*
Rayman: *gasps, whispers* We have a guest.
Greasy: *whispers* We can't let our master see him. ):>
Rayman: *whispers* We should at least welcome him.
Greasy: *whispers* Okay if you say so.
Rayman: *out loud* Welcome to our home my friend. Make yourself at home.
Tony: Who's there?
Rayman: Over here.
Tony sees Rayman the candle and Greasy the clock*
Rayman: Hello there! We welcome you to the castle.
Tony was surprised: I didn't know castle objects can talk.
Rayman: Well we do sir.
Greasy: Well technically, we're actually-
*Rayman covers Greasy's mouth*
Tony is confused*
Psycho the teacup weasel came by: What's going on guys?
Rayman: We have a guest, Psycho.
Psycho sees To
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Savy and Smartguy as Beauty and the Beast part 1
Once upon a time in a castle, there was a prince named Smart guy in a castle and Smart guy was so handsome. Although he had everything his heart desires, he was selfish and unkind, he taxed the village to fill his castle with the most beautiful objects, and his parties were filled with the most beautiful people.
Smart Guy sat on his chair and he snapped his fingers for Malikai to play the piano*
Malikai started playing the piano*
The girls in the ballroom curtsies at Smart Guy*
Smart Guy got off his chair and he's going to dance with some of the girls*
Malikai's wife Loretta is going to sing*
Loretta: Oh how define~, glammer the music and magic combine~, see the maidens for anxious to shine, look for a sign that inhances, chances. She'll be his special one, what a display~! What a breathtaking thrilling aray~!
Rayman, Wind, Greasy, Samartha, Psycho and Wheezy are watching Smart Guy dancing with the girls*
Loretta: Every prince every dog has a day, that I'll sing with pas
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Savy and Smartguy as Beauty and the Beast part 8
Later at night Wheezy is getting Smart Guy all clean for the dance with Savy*
Rayman came in: Tonight is the night! :D
Smart Guy: I'm-I'm not sure I can do this.
Rayman: You don't have time to be timid, you must be bold, daring.
Smart Guy: Yes I can- No, no I can't.
Rayman: You care for the girl don't you?
Wheezy is giving Smart Guy a haircut*
Smart Guy: *grunts* More than anything.
Rayman: Well then you must tell her.
*Smart Guy nods in agreement*
Wheezy is done doing Smart Guy's hair cut and he put the ball outfit on Smart Guy*
Smart Guy is ready*
Greasy came in: Ahem, your lady awaits :D
*In the ballroom, Savy comes out of her room wearing a beautiful ball gown*
Smart Guy came out of his room wearing a ball outfit*
*Savy and Smart Guy walk towards each other*
Savy smiles at Smart Guy*
*Smart Guy smiles back*
Savy curtsies and Smart Guy bows*
Samartha: *singing* Tale as old as time. True as it can be.
Flamey is running around Savy and Smart Guy*
Samartha: Barely even f
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Savy and Smartguy as Beauty and the Beast part 9
In the house, Tony and Snag woke up feeling better and they see Savy*
Tony: Savy? Is that you?
Snag: Please tell me that I'm not hallucinating from the sickness.
Savy: It's really me father and your not hallucinating Snag. :)
Snag: *chuckles weakly* That's a relief.
Tony: Snag and I thought that we'd never see you again.
Savy: The beast let me go father.
Tony: That horrible beast?
Snag: Now, Tony. If the beast let her go, then maybe he's not as bad as you say he is.
Savy: He is not bad father.
Then Savy's bag was moving a little and Psycho came out*
Psycho: Hi! ^w^
Snag: *chuckles* Looks like you had a stowaway in your bag, Savy.
Tony: Why hello there, young one. Didn't expect to see you again.
Psycho: It's good to see you. ^w^
Savy: I'm glad your here Psycho.
Psycho: Savy, why'd you go away? Don't you like us anymore?
Savy: No I still like you guys, but I had to save Snag and my father.
Psycho: *smiles* Oh. I get it
Savy smiled*
Then the door knocked*
Savy opened the door and she sees
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Savy and Smartguy as Beauty and the Beast part 10
Back at Savy's house, Psycho is starting up the machine with the axe to break the cellar door*
Psycho: Here we go!
Tony peeks at the cellar door hole and sees the machine with an axe coming towards them*
Tony: What the devil? *gasps when the machine gets closer* Savy, Snag, move out of the way!
Savy, Snag and Tony moved out of the way*
*The machine chops down the cellar door and explodes*
They see Psycho still okay*
*Psycho is dangling from a spring*
Psycho: You guys gotta try this thing.
Savy: Thank you Psycho. :)
Snag: What do we do now Savy?
Savy: Snag, Psycho, you two come with me, father you stay here where you'll be safe.
Tony: Okay just be careful Savy.
Savy, Snag and Psycho got on Phillip and they head to the castle*
Back at the castle, the castle objects are still fighting*
A man got Wind and he is pulling some of Winds dust feathers off*
*Rayman sees Wind in trouble and goes to rescue her*
Rayman used his candle head to lit the man's trousers on fire*
*The man screams in
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Savy and Smartguy as Beauty and the Beast part 11
With Smart Guy, he is looking at the rose feeling sad without Savy*
Edward came with his pistol: Hello Beast.
Smart Guy sees him*
Edward: My name is Edward, Savy sent me to kill you.
Smart Guy was shocked*
Edward: Did you honestly think she would love you? >BD
Smart Guy was a bit sad*
Edward shot Smart Guy on the back and Smart Guy fell on the roof but he was climbing on it trying to get away*
Edward tries to get his arrows but they're gone*
Edward turned around and he sees Savy with the arrows*
Edward: SAVY?!
Savy broke the arrows: Where is he?!
Edward: When we return to the village you will marry me *pulls out his pistol* And that beast's head will hang on our wall. >BD
Savy: Never! *as she tries to take the pistol from him*
But Edward falls off the balcony and he was sliding down the roof*
Smart Guy was climbling away*
Edward: I'm coming for you Beast!
Savy hurries to see Smart Guy*
Savy: *sees Smart Guy trying to climb high on the roof* No! ):>
Smart Guy: *sees Savy* Savy?
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Savy and Smartguy as Beauty and the Beast part 12
When the sun reached Rayman and the others, Flamey turned back to a normal pet*
Flamey jumped in Snag's arms*
Snag and Stupid are surprised*
Wheezy turned back to normal: Hey! I'm normal again!
Loretta opened her eyes and her drawers opened and the cloths came out*
Loretta: My drawers~!
When the cloths are falling, Malikai is back to normal again and Loretta is back to normal again too*
Loretta: Malikai?
Malikai: Loretta?
Loretta: My love! (;>
Malikai and Loretta kissed on the lips* :heart:
Greasy spin around and he's back to normal*
Greasy sees Rayman spin around and he's back to normal*
Greasy: Rayman! <8D
Rayman: Ah, Greasy we beat the clock!
Greasy: We sure did!
Greasy and Rayman hugged each other*
Then Rayman sees Wind turn back to normal and she's in the feather pile*
Rayman: Wind! Wind! <8D
Wind put her hand out of the feather pile and Rayman pulled her out*
Rayman: Oh mon amore.
*Wind was happy*
*Rayman and Wind kissed on the lips* :heart:
But there was a little smoke
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Sammy Lawrence's Origin
Sammy was just writing his new song for another bendy cartoon, sheep songs. He was about to get to the bridge until he was cut by ink dripping in his music sheet. "Stupid joey drew". Sammy mumered. "What's the use of your stupid ink machine anyways? First, flooding the stairs. Then now the ceiling?" Sammy then heard a heavy breathing behind his back. He turned around and saw a horrific figure in front of him. It was bendy, but what he saw was a much more devilish and scarier version than the adorable little devil darling itself. Its much more taller than an average human. Its tiny horns was turned into long demonic bull-like horns with torn bowtie and long and thin arms. Bendy's face was melted that both of his eyes was covered with ink like it was never meant to be looked at.
"Oh my god!" Sammy jumped into his feet. It was a long and silent pause. Bendy has this face, like he was thinking in question. "God?" Bendy said with a horrific voice. "Who is this so called "god" of yours?". Sa
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If Smart guy was drunk by migzimixtup If Smart guy was drunk :iconmigzimixtup:migzimixtup 6 5 Star Butterfly of Mewni by CARTOONFANATIC3 Star Butterfly of Mewni :iconcartoonfanatic3:CARTOONFANATIC3 46 7


I died at 0:47-1:06
• Although Huck is older than his younger brother, his brother is an inch taller than him:giggle:

• Huck's daytime job/ regular identity is a wrestling star at the Brass Knuckles Wrestling Arena

• Huck may be strong, but his master is ten times stronger than him so if she punches him, it'll actually hurt him

• Huck secretly cuddles with a teddy bear named Dinkleman:giggle:

• Favorite way to pass time is meditating or training with his master/ his teammates

• Hates being called "tool", "master's pet", "Mr Buzzkill", etc.^^;
Quick Facts About Huck
Decided to post some quick fun facts about Huck
Mega Fighter Uniform Reference Sheet
Decided to draw the female Mega Fighter outfit since I'm struggling with the male's outfit ^^;

Quick facts about:
The bodysuit- The bodysuit is made of an indestructible, unknown material. It keeps the person safe from any attacks by enemies. It's also waterproof:giggle:
The heels- The high heels may look pretty to some girls, but they're actually made of a tough titanium alloy and are good for running stealthily and for delivering a good swift kicks!
The Badge- The female Mega Fighter Badge is located in the chest area of the outfit. To transform into their outfit, the person has to touch their badge and shout what rank of Mega Fighter they are and say "transform" afterwards (ex: "Alpha Fighter, transform!")

Hope you guys like it:D
Should I post quick facts or back stories for the Mega Fourteen? I can't decide what to do:?

I died at 0:47-1:06


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My name's Rosa and I am 16 years old. My birthday is August 30th and my favorite colors are red and pink. I have asthma and depression, and I'm also a HUGE cartoon-and-yaoi fanatic. I have two sisters and two brothers(one's in heaven). The things I hate are scary movies, insects (don't laugh at me),people fighting,and when people yell at me. My goal is to turn this idea I have into a TV show, but my confidence needs to be boosted up in order for that to happen. I just hope that I'll make lots of friends on DeviantArt!


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